Integrate with Scout Talent

Connect MyHR and Scout Talent to start streamlining your hiring and onboarding processes.

Why integrate with Scout Talent?

Scout Talent is a comprehensive talent acquisition platform, featuring a range of software modules and solutions. Scout Talent’s premier :Recruit module is an applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM that allows your organisation to manage its entire talent acquisition process. 

The Scout Talent platform is supported by a team of talent acquisition specialists who partner with your internal recruitment team to bring your talent strategy to life.

Scout Talent (AU)
Scout Talent (AU)

Attract the best talent

Your people are at the heart of your organisation, that’s why talent acquisition is at the heart of ours. We’ve chosen to do one thing & do it well. We don’t want to be all things to all people. We want to be one thing, to you: your talent acquisition partner. That’s why our software & solutions have been built with best-practice talent acquisition in mind.

Scout Talent (AU)

Service-enabled software

Our service-enabled software is customisable. You won't need to change your processes to suit the software - we configure the software so it fits with your existing ecosystem.

Scout Talent (AU)

More choice, more control

Our Scout Talent Marketplace is open-platform meaning it integrates with a range of talent acquisition & HR-related technology products and solutions.

Scout Talent (AU)

Recruitment Marketing Mindset

The best talent acqui