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A virtual HR department, whenever and wherever you need it.

We believe every business should have access to quality, affordable HR.

Why MyHR?

No one likes HR — we get it.

That’s why we started MyHR — we wanted to make HR easy, affordable and accessible for SMBs that have either never had professional HR support, have paid too much, or are simply suffering under the mountain of paperwork, process and compliance required to manage employees whilst running their business.

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5 Good Reasons
to Outsource HR

Reduced costs

No individual software licensing fees, consultancy fees or salaries.

Scale Easily

Tap in to the resource you need and access more as you grow.

Fast deployment

Outsourced HR and tech can be easily rolled out in a single process.

Specialist knowledge

Work with a team of HR experts with a wide range of capabilities.

Better technology

Tech that keeps you up to date with the latest HR developments.

Why we're different

No one does HR like MyHR. Our combination of an on-call HR advisory team and easy-to-use HR software is unlike any other, providing a singular, outsourced HR platform that's built for your business and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

All MyHR documentation is fit-for-purpose, written for you, checked by a team of experts and delivered via our custom built software which allows you to run performance reviews, log leave, e-sign contracts, run reports and plenty more.

Many HR software companies offer an HRIS as a subscription service as do some HR consultancies and employer associations who offer on-call advice and document plans. MyHR members get both, all for a fixed monthly fee, calculated on how many employees they have.

MyHR membership delivers a full, wraparound HR service that’s typically 30% of comparable cost of an internal resource running a basic HRIS. We believe that MyHR is the most comprehensive HR offer in the market today, and for most SMBs it’s all the HR they’ll ever need.

HR Cost Calculator

Drag the slider below to see how much MyHR could be saving you each year.

How many people are in your company?

Typical HR cost for a team of 10 people*
Potential annual savings when you switch to MyHR*
* Our cost-savings calculator uses internationally-recognised HR staff ratios and software and consultancy charges to work out average HR costs that are then scaled up or down, depending on the size of your organisation. The costs are averages and intended to provide a guide to what a more traditional HR model would cost your business, compared to MyHR's complete outsourced solution. The calculator will not be 100% applicable to every New Zealand or Australian business or every employment situation.

Stay compliant. Stay in control.

MyHR members gain the confidence and clarity to make the hard calls when required, stay compliant in their employee processes and, most importantly, stay in control of their employee relationships. Create the space to focus on what you do best - your business.

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Customer Stories

See how these future-thinking companies get the best out of their team by running their HR lean.

Bluerock - Auckland
Bluerock - Auckland
17 Feb 2020

Fast-growing food company, Bluerock, knows the value of getting expert advice and support when doing a restructure.

Pacific Destinations - Auckland
Pacific Destinations - Auckland
30 Apr 2018

Using MyHR has simplified leave management for Pacific Destinations, an international travel company. Find out how MyHR has provided a complete HR solution.

ZYBER - Auckland
ZYBER - Auckland
24 Jan 2018

Tech entrepreneur James Sampson chose MyHR for the HR needs of his 3 businesses because it gives him peace of mind.

Sam - MyHR Expert

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