Integrate with CloudPayroll

Streamline your HR and Payroll processes with MyHR's integration with CloudPayroll.

Why integrate with CloudPayroll?

CloudPayroll is a leading provider of cloud-based payroll solutions, designed for Australian businesses with only a few employees right up to enterprise organisations with several hundred. CloudPayroll also caters for a group of businesses, a franchise, or a professional group with multiple unrelated businesses.


Sync in minutes

MyHR customers can now seamlessly integrate with CloudPayroll, making managing leave and payroll, and onboarding new employees much easier.


Reducing administration

Making it easy to onboard employees, manage leave requests, and process leave in payroll.


Streamlining Leave Management

MyHR's leave management tool is transformed into a leave application and approval hub, allowing employees with MyHR self-service to view their current and correct CloudPayroll leave balances, apply and have leave approved, and then have the relevant leave data sent through to CloudPayroll for seamless pay run processing.


Further customisation

We understand that each of our client’s businesses are different, and the level of information you want to display to your teams will vary, so we've made the integration with CloudPayroll fully customisable.

This means you can elect to show managers’ and employees’ different leave balances in MyHR, ensuring discretion when you n