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Integrate with Empiraa

Empiraa is the best way to design your strategy and keep it top of mind for your business. Only 7% of business strategies actually get executed. You can finally evolve the strategy planning process and design your strategy your way in Empiraa. Collaboration over a shared vision and goals has never been easier!

Why integrate with Empiraa?

  • Sync in minutes (Coming Q4 2022)
    With a single click, you can sync current MyHR employee records in Empiraa.

  • No more double-handling (Coming Q4 2022)
    The integration between MyHR and Empiraa cuts down on your admin work when new employees join your business and saves that double-handling of information over multiple platforms.

  • Exclusive Pricing
    MyHR members receive an automatic upgrade from Empiraa Pro to Enterprise. Empiraa Enterprise offers a next-level gold standard service to our users. This saves the users $1000’s each year.

  • Align Goals and OKR’s
    Keep your team on the same page with Empiraa. The collaborative approach to strategy allows everyone on your team to understand the business objectives and shows exactly how your work contributes towards the collective goal.

  • Include your strategy plan with automated onboarding
    Empiraa understands every business is different and change can be difficult. They provide a hands-on transition and onboarding service that helps you take your strategy off spreadsheets and slides and into a live cloud-based environment.


“I have been searching for a tool like Empiraa for the last 10 years. I am so glad that someone has finally made a tool that makes it so easy for SMEs to set company goals and most importantly achieve them. I love being able to see how each of my stores are progressing relative to their target and how that feeds into our overall company goals. My team is now able to track how they are going relative to each other, driving them to do better. Since jumping on Empiraa, we have felt the productivity and motivation of the team accelerate. I highly recommend Empiraa and I am really excited for the roadmap they have planned."

Justin Huang | Partnerships Manager

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